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5 Apps to Download When You Travel In Southeast Asia

2023 is here and that just means it’s time to get ready for yet another year of great travels. Here are our Top 5 Picks for apps that you HAVE to download for your next trip.

It goes without saying that Grab, or rather any ride-hailing app should be at the top of one’s list. Grab provides a safe, reliable, and affordable way for getting around. Especially with the app’s translation feature, communicating with drivers about your location is as easy as it gets. Not to mention Grab provides discounts and rewards when you ride, although this is subject to the country that you are in. When you’re feeling peckish at night, there is no better way to grab food than GrabFood.

Skyscanner helps travellers know of the cheapest flights. Although there are similar apps such as Hopper, as Skyscanner directs you to the airline website or travel agency, you need not purchase tickets from yet another third party. This could greatly improve the process of resolving issues. Besides that, Skyscanner is known for the accuracy of their flight prices.

Think about what a friend group trip would be like, but without all the conflict and awkwardness of mismatched expectations. Introducing Oddysee, an all-in-one app that allows for collaboration with friends. With a customisable itinerary, map feature with recommendations, packing checklist, expense recorder, and budget tracker, Oddysee makes travel planning seamless from the start to finish. From the in-app polling feature to the ability to split and tabulate expenses, Oddysee is most definitely the app you would want to keep on hand for travels.

It is hard to keep track of which countries you should tip in and which countries you shouldn’t. GlobeTips makes it easy by advising you for each country, besides that, GlobeTips helps you to calculate the amount you should pay up depending on your bill.

Lastly, Citymapper is the app to have in your pocket when you’re planning on commuting via public transport. Citymapper covers all the major cities in the world and gives detailed instructions on how to get to your destination with public and/or private transport.

While it is common to have issues crop up during trips, who’s to say that these problems are inevitable? Being prepared for your travel can minimise all these pesky issues that occur, and it’s as easy as a tap of a finger.


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