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The Bali Beach Club Review

Who doesn't love a good beach club...

When I originally arrived in Singapore, the concept of a "beach club" was pretty alien to me. I hadn't quite figured if the the objective was to chill on the boujee sun-beds, party in the pool, eat all the fried foods, or just peacock across the sand in very aggressive budgie smugglers. Well, turns out the answer was all of them! And after one trip to Tanjong Beach Club on Sentosa, I was up to speed. After exhausting the Singapore supply (and my wallet), I turned my new found weekend hobby further afield - specifically, Bali. Below I have curated my top picks to aid fellow aspiring beach clubbers to hopefully find the perfect spot for their group!

1. Single Fin - Uluwatu

Best for: Sunset, surfer watching, group dinner, live DJ, laid back surf vibe.

Watch out for: Check who is playing (music varies a lot), book ahead for groups, especially for the sunset spots.

2. Ulu Cliffhouse - Uluwatu

Best for: Great guest DJs, fantastic food, boujee relaxed day beds, beautiful venue, big evening parties.

Watch out for: Plan ahead for big nights and special guest DJs.

3. La Brisa - Canggu

Best for: Lazy days, chic boho vibes, day drinking.

Watch out for: Best spots are towards the sea to catch a glimpse of sunset.

4. Finns Beach Club - Canggu

Best for: Big group pool parties, large venues, wide selection of food.

Watch out for: Big minimum spend per table so avoid in couples, not the "real Bali".

5. El Kabron - Uluwatu

Best for: Fine Dining, sunset, instagramming.

Watch out for: Higher end price tags, posers and selfies.


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